Signs That You Are Stress at Work and Ways to Deal with It

Stress at work is common but for some, it can become an intolerable burden. They feel as if they have no other choice to keep their heads down and continue to work knowing the fact how hard they are struggling to keep up with the job. Many startup owners ruin their mental health and end up losing their idea of running a business smoothly because they are not able to identify the root cause of their stress. Kent Paul Scarborough Former CEO & Entrepreneur. Loves to create, start and build businesses. He has so much experience in the field that he understands what work stress looks like, and here is his detailed understanding of the symptoms and ways to deal with it.

What causes stress at work?

According to Kent, it is over-expectation that leads to stress. No matter what designation you are at, if you do not set achievable goals you will end up stressing yourself. The trigger point of stress is work pressure and one should know how to deal with that pressure on an everyday basis. You could be dealing with excessive workloads, tight schedules, long working hours, organizational changes, bullying, or even lack of support.

In today’s pandemic situation, many of us work under the pressure of feeling “grateful” that we still have a job and end up taking added pressure. They forget to question the fact that are they trained enough to deal with the additional work allocated to them and as a result spoiling the work they are recruited for.

Symptoms that you are stressed

Often people fail to recognize the starting symptoms of stress and try to incorporate a coping mechanism to deal with the extra pressure. If you have any of these symptoms then you have become a victim of stress and should find ways to deal with it at the earliest:

• Tiredness and insomnia
• Irritability
• Low mood
• Low productivity
• Being defensive all the times
• Regular absence or finding ways to avoid going to work
• Too much alcohol or caffeine consumption
• Finding faults in the work of others
• Headaches
• Excessive weight loss or weight gain
• Excessive smoking
• Indigestion

If any of these symptoms are seen in your recent behavior and you find it difficult to talk to anyone about it then Kent Scarborough is at your rescue. Read about Kent Scarborough — How To Believe In You? More than fixing what is going at work, one needs to focus on their mental health as that will not only affect you professionally but in your personal life as well. Stress at work is no joke and could lead to depression. Speaking to an expert like Kent will help you understand who you can effectively manage your work without it affecting you. Starting with basic things like maintaining a work-life balance to some advanced business setup skills, you can learn it all from Kent. If you feel that the current work situation is not for you then look for options that interest you and keep you happy, because in the end, mental health is important than any paid job.

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