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Kent Paul Scarborough has built an impressive profile throughout his professional career. He is a former CEO & entrepreneur credited for having created and built successful businesses in and out of Australia. According to Kent Scarborough, there is nothing that he enjoys more than establishing a business then growing it to become successful. His motivation comes from seeing his hard work paying off by a start-up growing into something big and strong.

Apart from his professional skills, he is also an intelligent man and a very good problem solver who can handle tricky situations very well. If you need a decision maker, you can be rest assured that you got a man who will help you in identifying a need then matching the need with a solution.

More professional facts about Kent Scarborough

It is no secret that Kent Paul Scarborough always works smart to get things done the right way. However, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t a hard working person because he boasts of several projects that his hard work contributed to the growth and success of the business. Kent Scarborough doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts to doing things, he takes projects head on and works hard to deliver.

If you are looking for a professional with an entrepreneurial spirit to help you establish a business or any other project from the ground up, then Kent Scarborough is the deal! He has a proven track record of building lasting business relationships. He also possesses outstanding business negotiation skills that has helped him close a number of business deals in Australia and beyond.

If you talk about strategic creative thinking and problem solving skills, then you are describing Kent Paul Scarborough. He is known to have helped a number of organizations get out of crisis with success. He is a professional who is driven with the passion to see things working perfectly.

His outstanding skillset has seen him serve at various high profile professional positions listed below:

  • Board member & Volunteer – 2014-2015

(Wounded Heroes Charity Org. Brisbane Queensland)

Kent Scarborough was invited to the Wounded Heroes Board Organization to offer his services as a willing volunteer. He got voted onto the board of the same organization and would work there to assist wounded soldiers who suffered from physical disabilities.

  • AAA Trade Power – 2010-2011

(Solar Manager AAA Trade Power based in Sydney, New South Wales)

In this role, Kent Paul Scarborough as the manager and he managed a team of professionals who sold and installed domestic solar power systems in homes within the city of Sydney metropolitan area and beyond.

AAA Trade Power also manufactured and imported high-quality solar panels and power inverters then sold and installed them to their customers.

  • AAA Trade Power Insulation – 2009-2011

(Insulation Owner Manager AAA Trade Power – Sydney, New South Wales)

He was the insulation owner manager here and he managed a team of professionals that sold and installed ceiling insulation within the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond.

The company also manufactured and imported ceiling insulations that were worth over $100 million. Independently tested, these exceed the Australian Standard and led to the Australian Federal Government approval of the company’s product to be a supplier of ceiling insulation and related accessories to customers and installation businesses nationwide.

Other professional experiences of Kent Paul Scarborough

AAA Trade Power — Sydney, New South Wales

In this role, he served as the owner manager between 2000 and 2010

AAA Trade Power — Sydney, New South Wales

He offered his expert services in the roles here between the years 2005 and 2006

World Wide Home Loans Aust – CEO & Director Mid 1990s–2008

He proudly worked in this position between 1992 and 2008

Gourmet Wine Vac Inc — Los Angeles, California USA 1990–1991

He was the vice president.

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