Kent Scarborough Sheds Light on Various Ways We Can Benefit From Solar Panels

The glorifying years in the long professional journey of Kent Paul Scarborough from Australia speak volumes about his expertise and deep business knowledge. He is a man blessed with immense talent and sharp business acumen.

Apart from being a tremendously successful businessman, Kent is also a highly nature conscious man. By saying so, it means that he has done many things that have contributed in the betterment of planet as a whole. His company named as AAA Trade Power is one such example that shows his interest in making people aware about renewable sources of energy.

Today, most of us depend on different types of electrical appliances that make our job quick and easy, be it at homes or in offices. To run these appliances we need power, which is generally derived from non-renewable resources of energy. But by using solar panels we can easily generate power at our own premises which can greatly reduce the demand of non-renewable resources to fuel various devices.

Solar Panels Kent Paul Scarborough

Kent explains that solar panels are big boards with tiny photovoltaic cells which can convert sunlight into energy. This energy can then be used to power different appliances which we use in our homes and offices on daily basis. Solar panels do not require any raw material to run, as they only need sunlight to operate. 

Kent Scarborough served as Solar Manager at AAA Trade Power located in Sydney where he led a team that was designated with the task of facilitating easy buying and selling of solar panels within 400 kms area of the city, including NSW coastal regions as well as rural areas. Kent did a great job while working at this organization. He did not only help people purchase high quality solar panels easily, but also enlightened them about several ways to maintain these panels for them to keep running efficiently for long.

Kent elaborates that in addition to energy generation, there are many other benefits linked with the usage of solar panels. When you switch to using solar panels to meet your energy demands, you open gates to a greener source of energy. These panels do not produce any dangerous fumes or smoke while working, which helps in reducing air pollution. Also, they operate without creating any sound, so the problem of noise pollution also gets controlled to an extent.

According to Kent Scarborough, using solar panels is also quite easy on your pocket. Right from the first month of use, you can notice a drastic decrease on your energy expenses. They require only one time investment at the time of purchase and installation, and then you can enjoy free energy for long. Also, the money invested on their purchase as well as installation is quickly recovered considering the impressive cost saving they offer. To know more about KentPaul Scarborough – a man on a mission to conserve natural resources for the coming generations, you can connect with him on LinkedIn!

Kent Paul Scarborough from Australia – A Business Visionary with an Inspiring Professional Journey

Kent Paul Scarborough is an exceptionally successful man from Australia who has been associated with various types of businesses in his long career. He is a multi-talented man who is widely appreciated for his skills and inimitable business understanding. His professional life navigates decades, which has helped him gain colossal information about assorted action plans that ensure quick business success. He is a bold individual who has had the confidence to follow his heart, no matter the circumstances.

Kent Scarborough is an energetic person who infers happiness from helping others. For this reason, he was also linked with an organization named Wounded Heroes located in Brisbane. This is a non-profit organization that works resolutely to help soldiers who have received injuries in war. Kent closely identified with the purpose of this affiliation, and chose to begin working for it as a volunteer. His dedication and magnanimous assistance was soon acknowledged and he was voted as one of the Board Member of the association.

Kent stayed linked with Wounded Heroes during the time from 2014 to 2015 and gained a lot of appreciation for his astounding work of helping troopers carry on with a decent life. He did not only help soldiers, but also ensured that all the volunteers of the organization feel recognized. He guided new volunteers on how they can serve the association better while reaching their own personal objectives.

Aside from being an extremely sympathetic man, Kent is additionally a profoundly nature-cognizant person. This can be plainly found in his relationship with an association named AAA Trade Power based out of Sydney. This organization principally offers services for top quality installation of solar panels in the city. During his time with the organization, he endeavored to make an increasing number of individuals aware about the huge number of advantages related with the utilization of solar panels.
Kent Scarborough is a sharp minded man having striking comprehension about the home loan industry. Perceiving his substantial ability and striking knowledge, he was assigned the role of CEO and Director of a well known firm named World Wide Home Loans (Aust) in Sydney.

Kent Paul Scarborough is a successful businessman who has accomplished numerous feats in his professional as well as personal life. He says that his secret to success lies in striking a solid work-life balance. This approach helped him arrive at new statures in his professional life while giving him an opportunity to do things he truly enjoys.

Kent tells that it is fundamental to discover how to strike a work-life balance to evade various sorts of issues in career and domestic life, and furthermore, to keep up one’s ideal wellbeing. Kent explains that the term “work-life balance” essentially alludes to a framework wherein an individual partitions his time to meet his work as well as household commitments legitimately.

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Kent Scarborough – A Successful Entrepreneur from Australia

Kent Paul Scarborough is a successful businessperson from Australia who is driven by extraordinary business acumen. He has set up numerous organizations in his professional life traversing decades. He is a specialist at framing long lasting business connections that have helped him scale new statures of progress without any problems. What’s more, he is likewise a wonderful deal maker, and has sealed many profitable deals till date. His capacities and brilliant business insight have helped all the associations he has worked with move toward progress decisively.

It is not possible to sabotage the influential role of Kent Scarborough at AAA Trade Power, Sydney, New South Wales. While serving this esteemed association, he, not only started and owned it, but also worked and dealt with a team that was designated with the task of selling and installing solar panels in the scope of 400 km of Sydney covering the NSW coastal areas and rural territories. He also imported high quality solar panels and inverters from different countries while working with this organization.

Kent Scarborough Successful Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur. Chart with keywords and icons

Kent Paul Scarborough is a talented man who has been closely linked with various sorts of business domains in his career. By remaining active in the business for years he has gained immense knowledge about the working of different business models. Kent is a smart man having striking information about the home loan industry. Owing to his unmatched understanding and extensive experience, he was appointed as the CEO and Manager of World Wide Home Loans (Aust). Utilizing his astounding talent, great plans of action and remarkable methodology, he mindfully managed a network of more than 50 home loan and mortgage brokers.

Kent Paul Scarborough can be credited with the beginning of many companies that have gone to become successful in the market. He can capably decipher various business needs and find their most apt solutions.

Kent Scarborough is an energetic individual who wants to help people live a fulfilling life. He has filled in as a volunteer and furthermore was an elected Board Member at a non-profit association named Wounded Heroes situated in Brisbane from 2014 to 2015. While serving this affiliation, he was engaged with arranging monetary assistance for injured soldiers who had PTSD and physical wounds inflicted upon them in various wars.

He also helped the families of such soldiers avail non-repayable loans. Moreover, while being associated with this charity, he used his unmatched social skills to make arrangements for updating and renovating homes of injured warriors.

It is worth mentioning here that Kent Paul Scarborough was initially invited to work with the Wounded Heroes Organization as a volunteer, however looking at his devotion and selfless service, he was soon voted as one of its Board Member. Here, he was mainly engaged with helping injured soldiers live a life of respect!

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Kent Paul Scarborough is truly a name that deserves high respect. He has earned a significant place for himself in the business world on the backing of his hard work and multiple endeavors that have all gone far to give a new dimension to how different business procedures are carried out.

Kent Paul Scarborough- Former CEO & entrepreneur is an exceptionally talented man from Australia. He has never avoided taking business risks. He started not one, but multiple business ventures some of which have become successful in their respective domains. He has a keen eye and can easily identify different business problems. He can not only recognize where the problem lies, but is also fully capable of resolving those issues with the most appropriate solutions. He is also an incredible deal maker possessing high negotiation skills. Owing to his amicable approach and startling negotiation abilities, he has successfully closed many deals, which have earned huge profits for organizations he has worked for.

Unlike other businessmen, Kent is not always solely running after profit. He is a highly nature conscious man who advocates the use of solar power to meet various energy needs of modern households. He has also worked as a Solar Manager at a company named AAA Trade Power in Sydney. Here, he led a team which was assigned the task of selling and installing solar panels in 400kms area of the city. While working with this organization, Kent worked hard to enlighten people about the various benefits linked with the usage of solar energy – such as, cost cutting, silent operation, green environment and more.

Kent Scarborough is a kind hearted man who has also been closely linked with many non-profit organizations. He has worked as a Board Member and Volunteer at a charitable organization named Wounded Heroes located in Australia. It is interesting to note that he was first invited to work with this organization on volunteer basis, but was soon voted as one of its Board Members looking at his sheer dedication and commitment to the cause the organization works for. This charity is primarily aimed at supporting injured soldiers live a respectable life by means of helping them avail non-repayable loans to meet their needs. Furthermore, Kent also assisted in organising some of the renovations the houses of war heroes while being connected with this not-for-profit association.

Looking at most of the things Kent Paul Scarborough has done in his life, it is right to say that he is truly an inspiration. He has helped many budding entrepreneurs start their own companies through his encouraging words and supportive acts. He is a role model for the coming generations. Despite all the odds that he had to face on the way, he did not lose hope and kept moving ahead with determination.

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Kent Paul Scarborough is a successful entrepreneur, but not many people know about the charitable side of him. He is a man who enjoys helping others and puts the needs of others in front of him. He has inspired and supported many budding entrepreneurs and is also linked with various non-profit organizations aimed at making life better for people.

Right from childhood, Kent was very keen on helping others. He would help his friends learn a new skill and would also support them in all their projects. When Kent grew up, he did not let this trait die. In fact, he started getting involved in many philanthropic activities that gave him joy.

He was closely associated with an organization named Wounded Heroes in Sydney during the years 2014 and 2015 which was primarily concerned with helping soldiers who have got physical injuries while serving in different wars. Here, he worked to arrange financial help for such soldiers so they can live a respectable life. He also helped these soldiers avail non-repayable loans so they can live a life of honour. Kent was very passionate about this cause and was also involved in making plans for remodelling and renovation of houses of soldiers inflicted with injuries in battlefields. In this way, he did not only help soldiers, but also their families and children.

Kent Scarborough was previously associated with this organization as a volunteer, but was soon voted as a Board Member of Wounded Heroes looking at his dedication and selfless service. While being connected with this not-for-profit association, Kent worked hard to help and support soldiers live a good life that is filled with honour and pride. He also made personal connections with such soldiers who were very fond of him and his pleasing personality.

Despite being such a big name in the business world, Kent is a very down to earth person who is always eager to help others. His humanitarian endeavours have gone far in helping people live a good life. He says that he derives immense satisfaction  and joy when he sees people smile and enjoy life because of his efforts. He is an amazing man who has always believed in giving back to the society.

Kent Paul Scarborough- A professional from Australia has worked hard in life to reach where he is today. He can be credited with the start and success of many companies. He always believed in giving new talent a chance. He has helped many youngsters realise their business dreams and reach their life goals. He is very encouraging and is an inspiration for all who want to make it big in life. He has started many business ventures both in and outside Australia. He is definitely a man with a golden heart who has done a lot for people who he knows little about!


Everyone feels stressed at some point in life! Kent Scarborough reveals that stress doesn’t always have to be negative. Managing stress empowers you to take responsibility of your situation and lessen anxiety which might affect your health adversely.

Kent Paul Scarborough- Former CEO & Entrepreneur from Australia is a successful man who never let any situation take control of him.  He did not allow stress to take over him, but instead used his stressors to move forward in life with more passion and strength. Being active in the business world for decades, he has learnt the art of managing stress well. Below he highlights some important tips to help people manage stress better and find some peace in this hectic life.

1. Follow a routine – Kent suggests that it is vital to follow a routine for performing daily tasks as our bodies work on consistency and stability. When you follow the same routine every day, it decreases stress and gives you a sense of comfort and safety. A regular schedule helps us feel stable even while facing unavoidable changes and difficulties in life.

2. Don’t forget to relax – Kent reveals that while following a work schedule is imperative, you should not forget to make time to relax. He feels that if you neglect to loosen up, you will just build up stress in life. To deal with stress, do not hold on to any negative feelings and let positivity flow in life through your thoughts and actions.

3. Identify your stressors – This is a highly significant step while making efforts to manage stress. Kent tells that with an aim to manage stress better, you should try to identify things that make you feel stressed in the first place. When you know what’s stressing you, take steps to overcome and fix the problem. Also, if you feel that there is something that is building your stress, try to delegate it to someone else, or find an alternate way to complete it.

4. Ask for help – If you feel there is something you cannot manage on your own, do not feel shy to ask for help. Kent emphasizes that asking for support, won’t make you appear weak, but instead will help you gain new friends and form lifelong bonds. All of us require a little help somewhere in life, and there should be no shame in asking for it.

5. Keep yourself on priority – Lastly, Kent Scarborough suggests while performing your professional and personal responsibilities do not forget to take care of yourself. Eat a balanced diet, go for exercise and do things that you enjoy. When you feel happy and content from inside, no amount of external stress can affect your mental stability.

Kent Paul Scarborough has productively used the above mentioned tips to reach where he is today. He is a man of his words and has scaled new heights of success following a strict and organized approach to life!


Kent Scarborough is a talented business visionary from Australia who has left a golden mark at different positions he has served in his long professional journey. He tells that there is nothing he finds more satisfying than building a business and witness it become popular. He is a smart entrepreneur who is appreciated for his intelligence and exceptional leadership skills. He can fastidiously recognize different business needs and satisfy them with the most appropriate solution.

Kent Paul Scarborough has skillfully performed different roles in his long career spanning decades. He has led various teams with proficiency while inspiring his subordinates and colleagues to reach their maximum potential.

Kent Scarborough tells that there are many characteristics that are significant for anybody trying to lead individuals to progress. He says that these qualities are important as they stimulate people to follow a leader intentionally and unknowingly. These qualities are complementary to each other and clearly define a good leadership model.

  1. Self-belief and confidence – According to Kent, this is the most important quality of a leader on the grounds that it impacts all the other characteristics greatly. When you do not have confidence in yourself, you cannot stimulate others to follow you. You can build your confidence by positive assertions and overcoming your fears.
  2. Patience, understanding attitude and compassion – Being patient requires you to have a better understanding and sympathy towards feelings, situations and ideas of others. It is only when you understand somebody closely you can genuinely support and lead that person. Being a good leader means that you connect with all your subordinates closely and do not follow a one-size fits all approach to solve their issues.
  3. Self-control and awareness – Kent Scarborough says that it is very important to be able to control your emotions and master your own self before you attempt to lead others. This implies that you should be able to control your mind, thinking, sentiments and desires powerfully. He tells that this quality can be particularly helpful in case of any conflict or dispute among teammates. Additionally, it is also desirable to ace this quality to keep your focus on the goal and better managerial control.
  4. Honesty and integrity – As per Kent’s professional experience, he feels that if you have an intention to remain a leader for a long time, you need to gain trust of your teammates, colleagues and management. You should get things done for the overall benefit of the team and not think solely about your interests.
  5. Decisiveness – Kent tells that this might appear to be least demanding, but is actually the most challenging of all the qualities desired in a leader.  A good leader should be able to settle on choices quickly dependent on instinct, and must stick to his decision long enough to know whether it was a decent pick or not.

To learn more about Kent Paul Scarborough and his life, you can visit Kent Scarborough Blog!

Kent Paul Scarborough Tells How To Make It – Life On Your Own Terms

Kent Paul Scarborough Former CEO & Entrepreneur is a wonderful person blessed with unmatched business acumen. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to achieve many big feats in life that many people can only imagine. He says that he had always wanted to live life on his own terms, and for this, he never refrained from taking bold decisions to see his vision change into reality.

Kent tells that to make it big in life it is very important to listen to your heart. True success is only experienced when you enjoy what you do. If you are living your life doing things that do not excite you, you won’t be doing it with your full potential. Hence, it is imperative to recognize your calling and go after things that ignite your passion. Being passionate about something pushes you to give your 100% to your job, and thus, opens doors to immense satisfaction and joy.

Kent Scarborough is a living example of making it in life without compromising on one’s ethics and ideals. He has left a rich legacy at just about every position he has worked and has always inspired his teammates and colleagues to reach their full potential. He tells that confidence in one’s own abilities is another vital quality that one must possess. This is especially critical if you are thinking about taking the road less trodden.  When you are confident about your ideas and skills, you will be able to motivate and convince other to believe in your ideology and work on it.

Kent Paul Scarborough has started many companies and can be credited with the success of many business projects. He says that there is nothing that he finds more satisfying than starting a company and seeing it grow into a big enterprise. Kent tells that his mantra for success lies in his optimistic approach and his self-belief. He has never shied away from taking business risks, which have in the end, reaped magnificent fruits for him.

Kent Scarborough also has a charitable side to him. He says that when you give, you welcome more in your life. He is a great philanthropist who is linked with many charitable organizations working in and outside Australia. Wounded Heroes is one of the most popular not-for-profit organizations that he is associated with. He has been a serving Board Member and a volunteer of this charitable organization that works for upliftment of the wounded soldiers.

Kent tells that in order to succeed in life you need to have clear goals in your mind and work towards them with determination. You should not let impatience or resentment take over, success takes time and once you reach your goals there will be a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Life gives chances to everybody and it is up to you to take the risk and jump into the unknown or to just stay where you are and wait for things to fall into place!

What It Takes To Be A Good Volunteer? Know From Kent Scarborough

Volunteering is one of the noblest things that one can do for the society. Not-for-profit organizations need passionate, helpful and committed volunteers for performing tasks for the betterment of the society.

Kent Paul Scarborough is a passionate individual who derives joy in helping others. He has served as a board member and volunteer at Wounded Heroes Organization in Brisbane, Queensland, from 2014 to 2015. While serving this organization, he was actively involved in providing support to injured soldiers who had PTSD and physical disabilities inflicted upon them in various wars. Here, he worked hard to get financial support for the families of soldiers and also used his unmatched interpersonal skills to make arrangements for renovating and maintaining homes of the injured soldiers.

Kent Scarborough

Kent Scarborough feels that volunteering is not an easy job and requires a specific degree of persistence and flexibility. Anybody can work as a volunteer, but not all people are good at it. There are many attributes that make an extraordinary volunteer, which are highlighted by Kent Paul Scarborough as below:-

  1. Commitment

Commitment means remaining true to the mission of your chosen organization earnestly. You should be focused on your assigned tasks, your motivation, and your reason behind becoming a volunteer. Kent tells that while working with Wounded Heroes, he was totally dedicated to make life better for soldiers with disabilities. Sometimes, things did not work out as they should have, but still Kent remained devoted to his idea of working hard to help injured soldiers and their families.

  1. Creativity

Kent Scarborough highlights that to be a volunteer one must have a creative mind. The issues and difficulties you experience every day will be ones you have never been confronted before. You should be innovative with your critical thinking, correspondence and strategies. Kent feels that the more imaginative you get while performing different tasks, the simpler it will be to overcome obstacles.

  1. Passion

Kent emphasizes that you ought to be passionate about what you do. Your passion is the only thing that will help you remain committed. It will also give you the confidence for braving any unpleasant patches in your volunteering journey. Kent Scarborough tells that this is the reason it is important to go with an organization that works for a cause you truly believe in. Do not pick charity organizations based on their popularity or just because one of your friends joined it. Do it because you will feel proud and happy about working for that particular cause.

  1. Problem Solving skills

Kent Paul Scarborough is a true leader with remarkable problem solving skills. This quality of Scarborough proved to be very useful for this charity organization. While being involved with Wounded Heroes, he played a vital role in many board room decisions that helped shape the future of the organization.

Kent has a rich professional legacy spanning many years. These were just some of the exciting facts about Kent Paul Scarborough that you should know about.

Learn These Fascinating Facts about Kent Paul Scarborough Here

Personal attributes and summary of Kent Paul Scarborough

That Kent Scarborough is a multi-talented CEO and business professional is not in doubt thanks to the legacy he has left at the various positions he has served in different organizations. Mr. Kent Paul Scarborough is a former CEO and successful entrepreneur with a number of businesses in Australia under his sphere.  There is nothing that Kent Scarborough finds fascinating than creating a business from scratch and watch over it to grow and become successful. He is a smart and intelligent problem solver, who can easily identify a need and match it with the right solution.

Kent Paul Scarborough doesn’t just work hard but also works smartly to get things done the right way. In his daily undertakings, he doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts to get things done, he believes in working hard to achieve success. Thanks to his amazing entrepreneurial spirit, he has been able to establish successful businesses from nothing.

He possesses excellent negotiation skills something that enables him to build lasting business relationships. When it comes to deal making, Kent Paul Scarborough is an excellent deal-maker who has struck various business deal in Australia.

His strategic thinking prowess and problem solving skills enabled him to help the various organizations he served in to get out of deadlock successfully. He is one professional that is passionate about what he does and when things turn out well – that’s what he finds fun! He is energetic and full of dynamism and go-getter who won’t sit back and wait for results. His outstanding skillset is what has enabled his track record to be such rich and flawless.

Professional Background

Kent Scarborough boasts of a great professional background in which he has served in several high-profile organizations in Australia and the US.

Wounded Heroes Charity, Brisbane, Queensland Board Member & Volunteer (2014 – 2015)

Kent Scarborough served in this charity organization on a volunteer basis. He dedicated himself to serving wounded and injured soldiers get humanitarian help that was necessary for them to lead comfortable lives. The soldiers he served were those who suffered physical disabilities inflicted on them by the enemies in war.

While at the organization, he got voted into the board and became a board member too. In his capacity as a volunteer, he also coordinated the servicing of non-payable cash loans to the suffering soldier’s spouses and children.

AAA Trade Power, Sydney, New South Wales – Solar Manager (2010 – 2011)

He was the solar manager for this company and he was in charge of a small team of workers who sold and even installed solar systems for homes in around the city of Sydney.

AAA Trade Power Solar Company, Sydney– Insulation Owner Manager (2009-2011)

He was the owner manage here and he also managed a team of solar insulation experts that numbered around 150 people. Their work was to sell and install ceiling insulation in buildings within the Sydney City metropolitan area.

Some other professional experience of Kent Paul Scarborough:

AAA Trade Power – Sydney, New South Wales

He worked in the company as manager between the year 2009 and 2010.

AAA Trade Power – Sydney, New South Wales

Kent Scarborough worked here between year 2005 and 2006

World Wide Home Loans Australia

He was the CEO and director from 1992 to 2008.

Gourment Wine VAC – Los Angeles, California USAHe served here as the vice president between 1990 and 1991.

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