Get Inspired By Kent Scarborough- Former CEO & Entrepreneur

Kent Paul Scarborough, former CEO and entrepreneur from Australia is here to help you reach new heights in your business with his experience. With years of involvement in the industry he has achieved a lot with his exclusive business model, there is so much to learn from him. Here are some essential elements of his business development plan that you would love to incorporate in your ideas as a budding entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur kent paul scarborough

The first and the most important question that you need to ask yourself is how you have been doing so far? What is your business revenue goals? Have you calculated your best moves towards revenue generation?

Business development would mean different thing to different people. According to Kent Scarborough, it is creating long term goals for your business keeping in mind the market, consumers and the relation between them.

Setting the right goals

You will not reach anywhere till the time you set a goal for yourself, at least for the next twelve months. Your goals should not be just restricted to revenue goals, it has to be ever expanding. Do not forget your business relationships with your consumers as well as the market because at the end, they are your true revenue generators.

Customer retention and lifetime retention

If you are aiming at making 10 new customers every day, make sure you maintain 5 existing customers. 50% of the revenue you make comes from the existing customer so do enough from them. As a business rule explained by Kent Scarborough, it costs around 7 times more in converting potential buyer into a customer and costs extremely less to maintain the existing ones.

Enter new market with new products

While you are focused in developing new strategies, always keep a product that is running well for your business. But do not stop yourself to that, it is always a good try to keep experimenting and expand your services. You never know, what might work best for you but do not put all your hard-earned money in just one product- what if it does not work.

Marketing your business channels

The next step is to promote your best products in a best way possible. Always pay attention to inbound leads, outbound leads, networking, referrals, up-sells, cross-sells, paid social and search advertising.

Today business strategy is all about data. Keep your data intact and convert them in to high level returns.

Focus on customer needs

When you explain your sales process, it is important to understand what do your consumers need. If you understand their requirement, you are sure to make success in your business. Customer is always the king so keep your channels open and always be responsive towards them.

Kent Paul Scarborough is the guiding force and you can use all his experience to become as successful as him. Being at the role of CEO and Director to numerous organizations, follow him for more tips and business ideas.

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