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Kent Scarborough Highlights the use of Solar Energy

Kent Scarborough has served many important positions in different organizations during his career. He is very serious about making use of renewable sources to fulfill a host of energy needs. He took this passion a step further by working as a Solar Manager at a company named AAA Trade Power. During his time with the company, he helped many families in the area to avail benefits of solar energy to meet their energy demands.If you want to know more about uses of solar energy then Kent Scarborough-a man on a mission highlights in the best way.

Sun is the source of everything on his planet. Solar energy is useful in many ways. The sun creates two main types of energy-light and heat that we can harness for many activities ranging from photosynthesis in plants to create electricity with photovoltaic cells, heating water and food. Kent explains uses of solar energy to help ourselves utilize the benefits of sunlight in our daily life.

Photovoltaic panels in front of city night lights

Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity has gained lot of momentum these days. As the cost of solar panel decline, more and more people have become aware of the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy. It is easily accessible too. A distributed solar PV system when installed on the rooftops of homes or businesses then it generates electricity to offset the owner’s requirement and send any extra production to the grid.

A solar battery when connected to solar power system helps to use solar even after sun goes down and offers power backup during emergencies also. In some cases, solar PV can also be installed on an adjacent structure and then connected to the meter with the help of underground cables.Some other uses of solar energy includes utility scale solar OV farms that helps to generate electricity to power city. An even more efficient solar technology remains concentrated as solar power. A CSP solar farm uses mirrors to reflect and concentrate the sun’s energy towards a tower thus generating more heat that can give power to a turbine for create electricity.

Solar Ventilation

A solar ventilation solution like attic fans minimize the burden on the HVAC and helps to cool down your house in summers.This seems to be a good choice if you are not able to install a solar PV system that offsets your home’s entire electricity consumption.Other commercial and industrial applications of solar heat include solar ventilation technologies that can preheat a building’s air in cold weather conditions thus lowering the energy costs.

Solar Transportation

Solar powered vehicles may be the future.This use of solar energy does not widely exist but some of the people have started using electric cars or EV and charge it with solar panels.In some countries,trains are also running with solar power.

Solar Lighting

Solar lights can be found everywhere ranging from landscapes to security lights to road signs and street lights.These technologies are inexpensive and are available from basic to high-end designs everywhere from your local shop to online portals.

Portable Solar

In today’s world,we are closely connected with phones and tablets.Portable solar PV chargers helps to keep our electric devices charged.This technology helps to integrate solar cells into our phones and watches.

A Solar-Driven Future

In today’s fast paced world, Kent Paul Scarborough says that renewable energy has become a familiar part of our lives. Innovation will drive new applications and will improve our daily lives and give us clean and better world to live.

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